Photograph from A Thought For Your Pennies - lighting design by Alan Mooney
A Thought For Your Pennies | Photographer: Carrie Davenport | From the show A Thought For Your Pennies
Photograph from Three Men in a Boat - lighting design by Alan Mooney
Three Men In a Boat | Photographer: Sinead Donnachie | From the show Three Men in a Boat
Photograph from Mary and Me - lighting design by Alan Mooney
Mary and Me | Photographer: Jed Niezgoda | From the show Mary and Me
Photograph from Assembly Required - lighting design by Alan Mooney
Assembly Required | Photographer: Conor McGuinness & Jonathan M. Daley | From the show Assembly Required
Photograph from We Like It Here - lighting design by Alan Mooney
We Like It Here | Photographer: Conor McGuinness | From the show We Like It Here
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Alan Mooney

Alan Mooney is a Lighting Designer and theatre-maker from Cork, Ireland.

He is a graduate of University College Cork and began his career in stage lighting as a member of UCC Dramat. He is a current member of the Irish Society of Stage and Screen Designers (ISSSD) and was a Lumière on the ALD 20:20 Lumière Scheme, where he was mentored by Charles Balfour. 

As a Lighting Designer and Relighter, his work has been seen in Three Men in a Boat (Minnow Productions), the relight of Spliced (original designer Eoin Winning for Chalk It Down Productions in assoc. w/ The Everyman Theatre), the relight of Bingo Wings (original designer Sarah Jane Shiels for Fidget Feet Aerial Dance), The Worst Café in the World (Big Telly Theatre Company), Two Fingers Up (prod. and directed by Gina Donnelly and Seón Simpson, a co-production w/ Tinderbox and PrimeCut), the relight of A Night In November (original designer Conleth White for Soda Bread Theatre Co.), A Thought for Your Pennies (Tinderbox Theatre Company), Assembly Required (Headrush, Ireland), He Ain't Heavy (Silver Bullet Theatre Company), The Wrongs and Rites of Grosvenor Square (Prod. by poet and writer Adam Wyeth), Sweet Sensations (prod. and directed by Terri Fitzgerald), We Like It Here (Headrush, Ireland), Borderland (Soda Bread Theatre Company), Mary and Me (UK Tour w/ Wild Productions | Irish Tour w/ Patrick Talbot Productions), Cock (Theatre Creature Productions in assoc. w/ Granary Theatre) and Song Factory (Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa & Granary Theatre).​

Previous productions

Show name Type Venue/Company Role Creative Team Opened
Three Men in a Boat Theatre Cork Arts Theatre
Minnow Productions
Lighting Designer Director: Mags Keohane
Set designer: Davy Dummigan
Nov 2019
SPLICED Theatre Site-specific (GAA Halls), then touring
The Everyman Cork in assoc, with Chalk It Down Productions
Touring Re-Lighter Lighting designer: Eoin Winning
Director: Gina Moxley
Nov 2019
The Worst Café in The World Theatre Site Specific
Big Telly Theatre Company
Lighting Designer Oct 2019
Bingo Wings Dance Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Touring Re-Lighter Lighting designer: Sarah Jane Shiels
Sep 2019
A Thought For Your Pennies Theatre Site specific piece
Tinderbox Theatre Company
Lighting Designer Director: Patrick J. O' Reilly
Aug 2019
Assembly Required Theatre The Lyric Theatre Belfast
Headrush, Ireland
Lighting Designer Director: Conal Clapper
Set designer: Tracey Lindsay
Jul 2019
Bouncers Theatre The Mac, Belfast
The MAC in association with Big Telly Theatre Company
Lighting Programmer Lighting designer: Sarah Jane Shiels
Director: Zoe Seaton
Set designer: Dianna Ennis
May 2019
We Like It Here Theatre The Lyric Theatre, Belfast
Headrush, Ireland
Lighting Designer Director: Emily Foran
Set designer: Tracey Lindsay
Jul 2018
Cock Theatre Granary Theatre
Theatre Creature Productions
Lighting Designer Director: John Donovan
Set designer: Patrick Lehane & Niamh Birkett
Oct 2017
Song Factory Concert Granary Theatre
Colaiste Stiofain Naofa
Lighting Designer May 2017
Mary and Me Theatre Wild Productions and Patrick Talbot Productions Lighting Designer Director: Belinda Wild
Set designer: Lisa Zagone
Nov 2016

A Thought For Your Pennies

Isaac Gibson’s choice of songs and sound effects add, but only when necessary. Alan Mooney’s lighting again is perfectly selected. As fight scenes are intertwined with the daily life of living with someone who has pissed himself once again, tried to wash clothes in the microwave or talking to someone, ‘vacant…it’s like watching the sun deciding to stop shining’.
Conor O’Neill, Culture Crush NI 13/08/2019

Assembly Required

The foreboding, brooding score and intense original songs composed by Katie Richardson (Goldie Fawn) matched with the flickering and atmospheric lighting from Alan Mooney’s lighting design bring the set to life and create an atmosphere.
Chris Caldwell, Pastie Bap 05/07/2019
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Have nomad, will travel? I am very open to travelling for work.
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