Direct Debits

The ALPD is now able to receive UK payments by Direct Debit via the website Go

Please select the option below that matches your Membership category.  You will be asked to complete form via Go Cardless with your bank account details to set up an account with them.  Payments will then be made in the first week of each April (actual date depends on Membership category).

Please note that Affiliate rate is discounted after setting the instruction up depending on which year is applicable to their membership.

The charges the ALPD incur for this method are much lower than for Paypal, and so we are happy to incorporate them into the annual subscription as a thank you for selecting a direct debit.

Please ensure that you have cancelled any ongoing or recurring payments you may already pay the ALPD with for example via an existing standing order from your bank or a recurring instruction with PayPal.  You can cancel the latter by visiting this page.


Set up a direct debit through

Membership Type Annual Rate Link Monthly Rate Link



Standard Affiliate

£60 £5

First Year Affiliate

£48 £4


£48 £4


£36 £3


£36 £3


Your membership is at risk if you do not ensure your subscription payments are up to date