HARMAN’s Martin Professional Announces MAC TW1 Fixture Refurbishment Program

Underscoring its commitment to legacy customers, HARMAN’s
Martin Professional today announced the return of its popular MAC TW1
Tungsten wash light as a certified refurbished product to satisfy the global
demands of lighting professionals. All Martin MAC TW1 refurbished fixtures
will bear a “pre-owned /certified by Martin” label and meet the same
performance standards and quality level of new Martin products.
“We are thrilled to see that the MAC TW1 is still acknowledged as an
outstanding product and the ideal moving light, especially in theater and TV
applications where best possible light quality is important for LD´s and
camera personnel,” said Markus Klüsener, Product Manager for stage lighting
at Martin Professional. “Whilst LED technology is constantly improving on
efficiency and light quality and finds its way into more and more
applications and markets, we truly acknowledge that there is, as yet, no
light source available on the market that beats the quality of the
incandescent light. For certain applications, that superior light quality is
needed, and we are pleased we can continue to support this need with the MAC

Ideal for stage and studio lighting, the MAC TW1 utilizes an incandescent
lamp that provides high-quality optics with soft beam edges and uniform
light/color output to ensure even distribution across projected surfaces.
The MAC TW1 operates in three modes—Normal, Studio and Silent—which are
selectable from a lighting desk and features a unique heat management system
which traps heat and silently dissipates it through the back of the fixture.
A CMY color mixing system that ensures smooth transitions and delivers a
multitude of vibrant colors ranging from saturated deep hues to soft

Refurbished models will be available in 80 V lamp versions that offer
superior output when compared to traditional voltage lamps. In addition, all
refurbished versions of the MAC TW1 wash light are backed by spare part
availability and a one-year warranty.

For more information on the MAC TW1 refurbishment program, please visit: