Can Anyone Join?
Our members range from internationally recognised names at the top of the industry today, back to the first generation of UK theatre LDs, and forward to the students and emerging practitioners of tomorrow.

Why Should I Join the ALPD?
BECAUSE - unity means strength and influence
BECAUSE - it is an investment in the future of lighting (instigating training opportunities and supporting bursaries and awards)
BECAUSE - it propagates excellence and shared information within the profession.
BECAUSE - it brings together a profession which is otherwise a collection of isolated individuals.
What Are the Benefits of Membership?
At its most basic level, the ALPD brings together of a profession which is otherwise just a collection of isolated individuals. With that unity comes strength and influence.

Membership Categories for Individuals
There are four main membership categories in the ALPD, an overview of which can be seen here

Membership Categories for Organisations and Companies
Depending on the type or size of your company or organisation, we have a three different categories to choose from:

Corporate Membership for larger companies, 
Commercial Membership for smaller companies
Non-Profit Organisation for groups such as education establishments or drama societies.

How to Join
You can now apply to join the ALPD via online application and submit your supporting information from this page.

Membership fees are due on 1st April each year. If you have not paid your full fees by 1st July, your membership will be at risk of suspension. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed unless you formally resign your membership in writing.