ALDHow do I create a Log-In if I am already a member?

Instructions are here: Website login Reminder

 ALDHow do I apply for Membership?

Click 'Apply to Join the ALPD' on the top left of the home page and follow the sign up instructions

ALDIs there a User Guide for the ALPD Website?

There sure is! ALPD members can click here Website User Guide once they are logged in

ALDShowname Missing from Photos

If you notice that the Show name is missing from photos on your portfolio, the quickest way to get this data is to navigate to the Slideshow-Editor, using this link or click 'Configure my Slideshows' in the My ALPD dropdown menu at the top left of the page. 

Once there, click 'Show All Photos', then click the Save button at the bottom of the page.  The Save operation will pull back in the Show name.

ALDI​'m finding the directory or gallery a bit slow

We have purposely limited our server capacity to make economical use of finances.  We hope that most members will experience good speed performance with our current fast server. 

ALDMy photos are rotated by 90°

Occasionally you may find an uploaded photo is ‘wonky’.  The website detects the orientation of the picture from its Properties, embedded in the original file.  Sorry, there’s no magic wand - if your Properties are wonky the only remedy is to ‘photoshop’ the original photo to the correct orientation, delete the one already on the website and re-upload the new one.

ALDMy role when I upload a show is always LD but I was actually another role

There are extended roles available for other members of the team in shows in your portfolio. Fill in the LD and designer etc., so that all that data is connected. You can now get the answer to: Who was the … (e.g. Prod LX, Assistant LD) for the show designed by … (LD)? There is also a new button for a show that is ongoing, or in repertoire or that has no end date.

ALDHow do I add ALPD logo widgets to my own website?

Easy! You can embed one of two ALPD Badge widget codes in to your own website. Anyone clicking the links will then be directed to either the ALPD homepage or your personal ALPD Member pages. Go to ‘My ALPD homepage’ and scroll down and the codes are on the right.

ALDCan I monitor my subscription fees on the website?

You can now see what you’ve paid or owe for this year’s subscription, or whether you have updated your standing order. You can pay online or set up a recurring PayPal debit as well.

There is also a very easy-to-use join-up form so encourage your colleagues to join the ALPD!

ALDHow do I upload my CV?

As well as creating your comprehensive biography and profile, you can upload a PDF version of your CV and it will appear as a downloadable file under the text on your biography page. Simply log in, go to 'Biography and CV' on the 'MY ALPD' drop down menu and upload the file you want.