Can Anyone Join?

Yes. Our members range from internationally recognised names at the top of the industry today, back to the first generation of UK theatre LDs, and forward to the students and emerging practitioners of tomorrow. We also have members spread across the globe, from LA to New Zealand and plenty in between.

Associate membership is open to anyone who has an interest in lighting  for live performance, whilst Professional, Affiliate and Student membership have specific entry requirements.

Professional Membership is open to anyone who can demonstrate a professional track record in one or more areas of lighting for live performance under one (or more) of the four headings below:

  • Lighting Designer
  • Programmer 
  • Lighting Professional
  • Education Professional

We also have a healthy number of non-professionals; those who work in their local amateur theatre, normally unpaid, as they love light and the effect it can cast upon a production. Their exposure to professional practice not only informs and educates their continuing work in the local village hall or community theatre, but can show them that the issues and problems faced by both groups can be similar in their basis, even if the scale and application of the solutions differ dramatically.

Company membership is split dependent upon size and nature of the business, and offers access to the most highly targeted database of UK lighting professionals available.

We also offer membership for Non-Profit Organisations, particularly useful for educational establishments or non-professional drama societies, so they can hold Association publications and information for their members or students to refer to.


Follow these links for more detailed description about membership for individuals or for memberships for organisations.

When you wish to apply, you can do it all online.