Mental Health and Wellbeing

The AAPTLE Wellbeing group have created a poster which was released at the ABTT MAKE A DiFFERENCE Conference 2023 with the intention that it can be put up in toilets, corridors, and wherever it can be seen by anyone working in your venue/business. There are two versions of this poster. The first poster is filled out with information which is useful to anyone in any situation no matter where they are based and has signposts to find help them find resources local to them. The second one allows you to personalise it with local information relevant to your venue/business.  

Download the poster here.

ABTT Guidance Note W1 Mental Health & Well-being: Supporting Freelancers in the Workplace
captures guidance for good practice developed across the theatre industry by many organisations and individuals and places it firmly within the Code of Practice for the Theatre Industry.   The Guidance Note is free to download from here.