Our subscription year for individual memberships runs from April to March each year.  

Corporate and Commercial memberships run in line with the calendar year January to December.

Non-Profit Organisation memberships run in line with the academic year September to August.  

Please note that once a membership is taken out it automatically renews each year until we are informed that you no longer wish continue with your membership.

The Annual fees per year in Sterling (GBP) are:

Professional Member


Affiliate Member










Non-Profit Organisations


We ask new members to pay for a full year at the time of joining. If you join mid-year, we only charge you for the part year based on the number of months at the time your account is activated.  The initial full year membership payment is carried over into the second year and we send you a reminder to pay just the balance of the second year when it is due. 

* Please note that Affiliate Membership attracts a further discount depending on which year of membership you are in (see this page for more details)

On-line Payments

If you would like to pay your subscription fee on-line you can make use of our Paypal or GoCardless accounts by clicking here.
You do not need a Paypal account to make use of this facility - most credit/debit cards should be accepted.

Other Payment Methods Available

  • We can accept cheques in UK Sterling.
  • Annual payment by Standing Order. A Standing Order is an arrangement between yourself and your bank we cannot alter or stop a Standing Order. Professional Members can also pay by Quarterly Standing Order.
  • We are unable to accept Standing Orders from non-UK bank accounts.
  • We also able to receive payments in Euros by either cheque or direct transfer.

If you wish to use any of these methods, please contact us directly.

Office & Correspondence Address:

PO Box 801
OX16 6RS

07817 060189