We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

We stand in solidarity with Ukrainian artists and technicians, and those in neighbouring countries - including Russia itself - who are already experiencing the fallout 

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At the beginning of April, the classic German TV series Verstehen Sie Spaß (which translates as ‘Do You Understand Fun?’) entered a new season, with the moderator duties transferring from the long-serving Guido Cantz to Barbara Schöneberger, and the entire production moving from its familiar Munich location to the Berlin studio. Lighting designer Thomas Gerdon, … Continue reading "GLP Shines...
By Leo Humphrey, Sales Key Account Manager. Following two years of hiatus (for obvious reasons), 2022 marks the much-welcomed return of a number of global tradeshows. The first show of the year for me was this month’s Pro Light and Sound Exhibition in Frankfurt and it was one I was very much looking forward to; and one, I’m delighted to say, that didn’t disappoint. Over the last couple of years,...
Designer Jason Hand describes how he uses Rosco OPTI-SCULPT lenses to create smooth washes in his lobby lighting designs for "Immersive Van Gogh." The post OPTI-SCULPT™ Lenses Provide Consistent Lobby Lighting For Immersive Van Gogh appeared first on Rosco Spectrum .
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