Support the Scheme

Since 2015 we have helped four Lumières establish the skills they need to work in large scale entertainment, to build their experience within the industry as well as providing mentorship and working relationships from participating lighting designers, which can last them a lifetime.

We need to fundraise for every scheme we run. Regular contributions from the ALPD membership itself can help that process. Previous schemes have been awarded funding from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and the Cameron Mackintosh Foundation.

The charitable trusts and foundations to whom we apply for support want to see industry professionals supporting a scheme from the inside, so the more people who contribute even a small amount, the more other organisations see the scheme as a welcome addition to the industry.


Thank you for your support of the Lumière scheme. We are hugely appreciative of any donation made.

If you wish to donate there are one of three ways:

Thank you for helping to light up the Lumière scheme!