The ALPD has the following aims:

  1. To establish a body of lighting, video and projection practitioners whose purpose is to further the art of lighting design for the theatre, live entertainment and associated industries and raise the professional status of the lighting and video / projection designer as members of the creative production team.
  2. To actively promote the education of the disciplines involved in live performance lighting and to be available to act as an advisory body in this field.
  3. To advise on the artistic suitability of lighting, projection and control equipment and to bring to the notice of manufacturers any problems experienced in the use of their equipment, and to suggest improvements and modifications.
  4. To represent the art and creative input of light in all its forms for live performance, and to ensure that members of the ALPD operate within its professional code and terms of contract as far as is possible.
  5. To act as a resource for information about lighting and video / projection designers, lighting art and the business of lighting design, as well as training and education for entrance into, and during the profession.