The ALPD has the following aims:

  1. To raise the status of everyone involved in lighting.

  2. To further the art, craft, and production practice of lighting, through advocacy, collaboration, and discussion.

  3. To promote and support diversity and inclusion in all its forms.

  4. To defend the cultural, professional, and ethical diversity of ALPD members.

  5. To support members to operate within the terms of their contracts, and the ALPD codes of practice, as far as is reasonably practicable.

  6. To promote the proper recognition of all practitioners of light, and the defence of their copyright and intellectual property.

  7. To promote and provide opportunities for training, education, and professional development, and to act as an advisory body in these fields.

  8. To aid manufacturers, suppliers, and associated companies in working with designers, electricians, technicians, and programmers to enhance the tools used by all practitioners of light.

  9. To actively engage, in an advisory capacity, with unions and managements with regard to contracts and working conditions. 

  10. To establish relationships and collaborations with other professional associations in the UK and internationally.

  11. To encourage and support sustainable practice.