About the ALPD

Our beginnings were largely informal. In 1961, regular meetings of nearly all the people who worked as Theatre Lighting Designers in London could happen round a single table at Rules Restaurant in Covent Garden.  Today, we have over 400 professional members who work as Lighting and Video Designers, Production Lighting specialists, Programmers, System Specialists and Installers, and throughout the supply chain of a vastly expanded "Performance Lighting industry". That industry includes Concert Touring and Events of all shapes and sizes, Immersive Experiences and Exhibitions, as well as every genre and scale of theatre.

To raise the status of everyone involved in lighting.
To further the art, craft, and production practice of lighting, through advocacy, collaboration, and discussion.
To promote and support diversity and inclusion in all its forms.

The ALPD is a constitutionally formed Association run by an Executive Committee who report to the general members.
Executive Committee
The Executive (exec for short) deals with the day to day running of the Association, formulating policy for ratification by the members, fielding enquiries from members and managements, representing members on other bodies and committees, publishing the Association’s magazine and other publications, setting up members’ meetings, entertainment, classes and organising the membership and finances of the Association.
ALPD Working Groups
The ALPD operates much of its work through smaller working groups to minimise the burden on Executive Committee members. They will be particularly focused on a specific issue or project to deliver. Each WG also has an additional set of supporters who can be called upon to assist with discussions or elements of the overall workload as required or necessary. Working Group Chairs automatically become ex-officio members of the ALPD Executive Committee.
The ALPD is involved in a number of Awards to recognise the art and contribution of Lighting and Video Designers in various forms of Live Performance as well as production electrics, and to assist with its aims to further the art and appreciation of creative design and raise the professional status of lighting, video design and production electrics as part of the creative process.

More Questions?
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