UK Hire Companies Map

This map provides location information for around 150 UK based hire companies, making it easier to find one local to where you are working instead of using a company hundreds of miles away. ALPD corporate and commercial members are highlighted in orange – we are grateful for their valued support and would encourage you to support them with your business if you can.

Using local suppliers helps keep the carbon cost of hire delivery to a minimum, as well as helping the local economy in the area you’re working and often supporting small businesses too.

The Theatre Green Book offers further advice about how to approach your production sustainably.

This map is managed and maintained by the ALPD Sustainability Working Group, using publicly available information. We welcome your feedback on your experience with a company and suggestions of companies we can add, or updates to existing information - please email

With thanks to ALPD members Jess Bernberg, Ali Hunter, James Stokes, Louise Gregory, Will Monks, Joe Samuels & Tom Lightbody.