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NB - In order to avoid confusion for both the association and potential employers, we have adopted the Equity practice of ensuring that members must join with a unique name. If we already have a member with the name you have applied in we will contact you to discuss the options.

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Before selecting your type of membership, please review the following information:

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Affiliate membership is for student members upon graduation and for young and emerging professionals in their early years of work in lighting and/or video for live performance.

Associate membership is for anyone who is interested in joining, but whose ‘day job’ is not directly concerned with lighting and/or video for live performance. This would include amateurs, casuals, and many hire company employees such as bench & maintenance technicians and some office staff.

Professional membership is open to anyone who can demonstrate a professional track record of at least two years in one or more areas of lighting and/or video for live performance.

Student membership is for anyone on a full time course, no matter what that course is in or what level it is at. This includes interested BTEC and GCSE students for example, as well as those at university interested in but - not necessarily studying - lighting or video.

The Sponsored Student Scheme allows students who are new to ALPD membership to enjoy FREE membership for a full subscription year.  All memberships under the 2023 scheme run until the end of March 2024 at which point you will need to renew in the normal student category (£36 per year).

To qualify for Sponsored Student membership, you must be studying on a full time course in the UK, have an interest in the process of live performance lighting and / or video and projection, and have not previously been a member of the ALPD.


Commercial membership is available to companies with fewer than ten employees that have an interest in lighting, video & projection design and operation thereof in the live performance lighting profession. These may be non UK based manufacturers with a small UK staff, smaller hire companies that serve their local area theatre companies or event providers, or smaller companies that supply software, small devices or services that may be useful to Professional Members.

Corporate membership is open to large companies that have an interest in lighting, video & projection design and operation thereof in the live performance lighting profession. Aimed at manufacturers, hire companies, multi-nationals, and large corporations with considerable annual turnover and a workforce of more than 10.

Non-profit membership is for organisations, particularly educational establishments or amateur dramatic societies, so that they can hold Association publications and information for their members or students to refer to.

Professional membership requirements
Please select your category(ies) of professional experience
Professional referee or ALD Sponsor

Please provide details of a professional referee or ALD sponsor whom we will contact for a reference.

  • If an ALD sponsor, this should be a current professional member who can vouch for your work and you should provide both their name and ALD number (if known)
  • Alternatively you can provide details of a referee who is not a member of the ALD but someone who can vouch for your professional work personally (typically a client, director, producer, artist or designer)
Please tell us about any union membership you hold
Curriculum Vitae

Please provide a link to your CV or email it to as soon as you can after submitting your application.

All Professionals must provide at least a current CV.  In order to be listed as a Professional Lighting Designer, Video Designer or Programmer you must also give details of at least six productions you have worked on in the last two years.  If you do not provide this supplementary information you will be listed as a Lighting or Video Professional. You may optionally support your application by sending a selection of photos from the productions you have worked on to

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You need to provide evidence of being a current student; a scan or photo of your identity card, a scan of a letter or email from the college/university, or something similar. If you have an email address for the college/university you can also send a brief note from there.

Please email your evidence to as soon as you can after submitting your application.

By clicking the button to proceed below, you understand that membership of the company means every member has a limited liability for a maximum of £1 should the company be wound up leaving debts, and you agree that the information you have provided is true, complete and accurate, and you accept the following Declaration of the Association for Lighting Production and Design:

“I agree to uphold the constitution of the Association and to share in advancing the aims and objectives of the Association.”