Growing our Voice

Growing our Voice

It's been a long, eventful and at times stressful year at the ALD in 2018, which has seen our profile rise amongst the wider industry and public and sets us on a couple of paths for the next year. The Executive Committee has already met for a day to plan how that momentum gained can be carried forward. However, we also saw the membership of the ALD rise by the highest amount in any single 12 month period since its formation, with around 70 people joining us either for the first time or returning to the fold.

The #SaveStageLighting Campaign increased awareness of the Association within the performance lighting itself, the wider entertainment industry as well as the public at large with coverage in the mainstream media highlighting the issue that we were facing. The Executive Committee has already met for a day in 2019 to plan how the momentum gained can be carried forward.

However it is only with the support of our members that we can create an effective voice to support those working in in lighting and video or projection in live performance, a point proved fully during the #SaveStageLightingCampaign.

As is tradition, we also offer new members joining between January and March up to 15 months of membership for the price of 12 months with a payment now carrying through to the end of March 2020.The full range of information about membership categories and benefits can be read here on our website, and applications are all concluded online via the button on our homepage. 

However, we also recognise that our existing members are our best recruiting tool within their own networks, and as an incentive, if they are named as an ALD sponsor on an accepted application for any new member, we will credit them with a £10 discount from their next year of subscriptions. 

That means that if an existing member introduces a new member before April, both of them will receive a discount on their membership fees through to the end of March 2020. 


2018 was a landmark year. Help us build on it in 2019!