Chris Mould

A Lighting Designer, Programmer and Technician based in London. In 2017 I graduated from Rose Bruford College with a BA(Hons) in Creative Lighting Control. During my time here I undertook a range of  programming, design and technical work. Since graduating I have worked as Lighting Technician at Arts Ed, London. Arts Ed is a top tier musical theatre and drama  school ,  offering a variety of degree courses as well as having a day school and college. We put on several big shows a year, running as a producing theatre and working with a range of professional creatives to put the shows together. I work closely with the incoming Lighting Designers to facilitate their design as smoothly as possible. I program for LDs who don't program for themselves, and take on a Production Electrician role to implement / maintain rigs, and to make lighting practicals / LX set pieces. I also often design the lighting for the smaller scale shows.

Prior to  Uni I worked as a technician at the Hub Theatre Southampton: providing technical support for incoming productions, as well as designing / programming shows.

As a programmer, I specialise in ETC Eos. 

Appearing here soon... a collection of articles from the Focus magazine archives.