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Follow-Me was founded by Gary Yates & Erik Berends in the Netherlands. Both Gary and Erik have vast experience in the entertainment business, having been part of large projects in the past 25 years. Erik also has vast experience in developing new and innovative entertainment industry technical products and software used worldwide.

In 2013 the first version of Follow-Me was used by British band Suede to utilize moving heads remotely to follow their lead singer on request of their LD Jip Nipius. Since this date it has been used on subsequent Suede tours and many other productions. Follow-Me have recognized the need for a cost effective, flexible & easy to implement follow-spot solution and are proud of the large amount of shows already succesfully running the Follow-Me software and hardware.

Follow-Me has grown to a team of 6 people who are all working hard to keep improving the Follow-Me system.

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Follow-Me B.V. is proud to announce the appointment of Axente S.A.S. as its sole distributor for France with immediate effect.  
2 years 9 months ago
This year’s Eurovision Song Contest has been recognised as a pivotal moment in the return of large-scale entertainment events in a post-COVID world.
2 years 9 months ago