Jon D Martin

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Jonathan D. Martin is a hard working individual who is not afraid to work long hours. Jonathan has been raised with a sense that one is never finished learning and therefore is not afraid to ask questions in order to fulfill his job to the fullest. Because of Jonathan’s background in theatre he approaches every design with the audience in mind throughout the entire process resulting in work that is geared and structured to aid an audience. Jonathan is also a very neat and tidy person when it comes to his working environments, realizing that organization of one’s workspace will make oneself more productive. Jonathan is skilled with the use of Mac, Windows, and Microsoft Office. Jonathan also has a good knowledge of Auto CAD, and WYSIWYG. Jonathan has a working knowledge of lighting consoles such as: Jands Vista v2 “Byron”, ETC Express, ETC Ion, Strand 500 series, Strand LX, and Strand MX. Jonathan has also received his Emergency First Aid at Work Cert. Num. 3517 Exp. March 2, 2014 and his CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Reg. No. 04506367 Exp. June 2017. Jonathan applies the ideas of simple solutions to complicated problems, and there is no problem just an unknown solution to all areas of his work.

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