We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

We stand in solidarity with Ukrainian artists and technicians, and those in neighbouring countries - including Russia itself - who are already experiencing the fallout from Russia’s invasion.

We understand that on an individual level many Russians, including our colleagues and counterparts in the Arts, are opposed to this war. As venues around the UK cancel performances by Russian companies, we hope our members will consider carefully whether to accept or continue work with Russian organisations.

We encourage our members to contribute in whatever way they can to the humanitarian effort in Ukraine. The UK government will match fund up to £20m of donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, so if you donate there you can double the difference you make (and don’t forget to add Gift Aid too) : https://donation.dec.org.uk/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal

There are also an increasing number of local hubs emerging who are collecting practical items. Search locally, and ask what they most need.

It’s all too easy to feel powerless in the face of these atrocities but we must remember the human cost of war, and the role of individual action. Our actions will have an impact at a human level, and can help make the difference for those most affected by this terrible conflict.