Claypaky New Products @ Prolight+Sound 2024


VOLERO CUBE: Beam, Wash, Strobe: creativity, cubed **WORLD PREMIERE**






Imagine a compact IP66 fixture seamlessly merging beam, wash, and strobe effects. Imagine configuring it to create stunning and dynamic lighting elements, either as single units or in multiples for complex arrangements. Impossible? Not with Volero Cube! This brand new, multi-function, multi-effect moving head is a real “4-in-1 fusion fixture” boasting 4 powerful 60W RGBW LEDs and plus-shaped cool white LED strips for strobe that can be pixel-to-pixel controlled allowing for blending different levels of effects and unleashing your creativity like never before. And it doesn’t stop there – multiple single units can be easily and seamlessly connected to cater to any creative geometric solutions you require. Volero Cube is a fixture like no other in Claypaky’s portfolio, the first one of a new series of compact, powerful, and versatile moving heads.












ORKIS CYC: The quiet revolution **WORLD PREMIERE**






Cyclorama lights are the unsung heroes of the stage, bathing backdrops in seamless washes of light and transporting audiences into the heart of the story. But traditional cyclorama lights can be bulky, noisy, and power-hungry. Meet Orkis Cyc, the game-changing cyclorama light from ADB by Claypaky. This innovative wall-washer combines the best of both worlds: theatrical color perfection with FLOW cutting-edge Active Liquid Cooling Technology. Built on a multispectral 6-color HCR LED technology, Orkis Cyc offers a wide selection of colors and precise dimming capabilities. With Amber, Cyan, and Lime added to the standard RGB colors, it ensures accurate color reproduction and flexibility in lighting setups including Tunable White light from 2500K to 8000K. Orkis Cyc isn’t just about lighting up the stage – it’s about doing it silently and efficiently. Compact and lightweight (<6kg), it’s easily installed and adaptable for floor or truss mounting. The internally developed FLOW Technology, Orkis Cyc’s Active Liquid Cooling System, effectively reduces noise levels up to 24.2 dB in standard mode, perfect for whisper-quiet operations without sacrificing performance in theatrical productions, concerts, and film studios. Orkis Cyc is the world’s first fixture in the entertainment lighting sector with this technology.












MINI-B AQUA PX:  Lighting the stage, pixel by pixel **WORLD PREMIERE**






Mini-B Aqua PX, the newest member of the Mini-B family, makes a splash across the board with its unbeatable mix of flexibility, lightweight design and lightning-fast pantilt movements, not to mention the exceptional cost-performance ratio it offers.






Born out of a strong demand from lighting pros for a mini-washlight that’s not only compact and agile but can also brave the elements and play with the lighting creativity. Mini-B Aqua PX inherits the core strengths of its predecessors, adding the pixel-to-pixel control of each LED.












PANIFY 2: The Next Generation of Motorized Lighting Platforms **WORLD PREMIERE**






Imagine being able to breathe dynamic life into any static non-moving fixture, scenery, sign, or screen. That’s the ability of Panify 2. This motorized platform redefines the possibilities of creative expression in the entertainment lighting industry. What sets Panify 2 apart is its unparalleled flexibility and versatility. With its endless PAN operation and various speeds, it can handle fixtures up to 30 kilograms (66 pounds), giving you the freedom to set up unparalleled effects and providing precision and accuracy. Whether it’s a high-energy concert, a mesmerizing theatrical production, or a stunning corporate event, Panify 2 is ready to raise the experience. Its IP66 rating means it can be used and hung in any position and any location, both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, Panify 2’s ability to accept most static lights, not only from Claypaky’s portfolio but also from other brands, sets it apart as a flexible and inclusive solution for lighting designers.


















Rhapsodya emerges as a groundbreaking, low-noise multi-spectral RGBAL LED fixture meticulously designed for various applications such as touring, live events, theatre, and TV production, and managed by a specially crafted, internally developed firmware algorithm. It is an evolution of Sinfonya, particularly regarding the focus on quality of optics and color management, and the whisper-quiet operation even at full output. Rhapsodya has a stunning new product design that is sleek and modern, with a double power output compared to Sinfonya. Innovative features: ACCUFRAMETM, TONEDOWNTM, Absolute Position control, LINEGUARD, ACCUTUNE, COLORSTRING.


















The HY B-Eye K15 Aqua represents a significant upgrade over the latest HY B-Eye K15, setting new standards in innovation and lighting while also ensuring unmatched IP66 protection. At its heart, it features an original optical unit that enhances both uniformity and light output efficiency. The rotating front lens and individual LED control unleash a mesmerizing world of kaleidoscopic projections and captivating eye-candy effects. This innovation simplifies complex macro effects, making it an all-in-one lighting solution: it’s a high-performance LED wash light, a flawless beam light, and a jaw-dropping visual effect projector – all in a single fixture.



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