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Introducing the Theatre Green Book


Over the course of the past few months, the ABTT and the Theatres' Trust have been compiling the first of a three volume Theatre Green Book, akin to the Yellow Book we all know (and some of us maybe even love?..) Among the individuals and organisations involved are a range of sustainability experts and theatre-makers. A number of ALD members have provided content and feedback through surveys, focus groups, and interviews.


As our industry begins to restart we have a unique opportunity to think about things in a different way, and to incorporate more sustainable practice into our work. This is why the first volume* of the Theatre Green Book, Sustainable Productions, is now available as a public “Beta” release - available for download here.


Coordinated by Theatre Architect Paddy Dillon, and supported by a huge range of companies and organisations, the Theatre Green Book provides a defined set of environmental and sustainability standards across the industry; the first time this has been done to this degree and with this level of industry-wide involvement.


All of us have a responsibility, whatever our place in the industry, to view what we do through the lens of sustainability. Where we perhaps haven’t had the tools to do that easily in the past, the Theatre Green Book offers guidance as to how we should be thinking and talking about sustainability. It lends perspective to what it means to work sustainably, as well as offering considered insight into how we can all improve and why this matters. Finally, it includes a number of practical tips.


The ALD are proud supporters of the Theatre Green Book. We encourage our members to read and digest its content, and to carry into their practice what it promotes. If you have any questions or any feedback to offer, or if you would simply like to know more about what you can do to help, please email


Tom Lightbody - Sustainability Working Group Co-Chair


* Future volumes of the Theatre Green Book will address: Sustainable Buildings and Sustainable Operations.