ald members socialising together

A letter from the chair


For many years, the former chairs, Rick Fisher and Peter Mumford, worked hard to develop the ALD into an association that includes everyone involved in the live events and performance lighting industry. I am proud to be able to continue their work.

The ALD was formed sixty years ago because lighting designers didn’t have a voice within the entertainment industry. Things have changed enormously since then, with the emergence of the 21st-century gig economy, the Save Stage Lighting campaigns, Brexit and now Covid.

It has become more and more apparent that we are stronger together and that we have indeed become an association for everyone in lighting for performance and live events. There has never been a more important time in the ALD’s history to be an association that truly represents everyone in the lighting industry and to be at the forefront of a successful future for us all.

We are proposing therefore to update our name, and to bring production into the heart of the ALD, making us the Association for Lighting Production and Design, or the ALPD.


Our president, Richard Pilbrow, says:

The ALD has had an amazingly successful run, in large part thanks to some brilliant leadership and passionate support. Our young profession has been vastly enriched and strengthened by it. Adding the ‘P’ will only dramatically increase its brightness.


Vice President Rick Fisher says:

The ALD has been at the centre of this growth in the appreciation for the art of lighting, but we have to acknowledge that it is a team that makes this happen.


The elected directors, as well as the entire Executive, have voted unanimously in favour of this name change, and I would like to now personally ask you, our voting membership (Professional, Fellow, Life and Honorary members), to celebrate it too. In the ALD’s sixtieth year, let us become fully inclusive and add the “P” by voting yes at an extraordinary general meeting as part of the AGM on Saturday 17 July 2021.

Let’s have a name that truly represents us within our industry: the Association for Lighting Production and Design.

Johanna Town
ALD chair