New Technology Showcase 2024 – Round Up

Every year, White Light (WL), a d&b solutions company, hosts the New Technology Showcase, in partnership with the ALPD. Taking place at the Central School of Speech and Drama, the event offers attendees a unique chance to see the very latest in lighting technology, speak to manufacturers and industry experts as well as take part in a Q&A session, which often results in a broader discussion about topical issues that the industry faces. One of the themes that rose up this year was the future of lighting, both in terms of developing the next generation as well as making the equipment we use more sustainable. That’s why it was so fantastic to see students from Central actually design, plan, rig, and programme the event alongside our own team, offering them valuable experience on a public facing event. Similarly, it was great to hear manufacturers discussing how being environmentally friendly was at the forefront when creating a new product; with companies such as VariLite emphasising the importance of a circular economy.






For those of you who were unable to attend this year, we’ve put together the full list of what was showcased here. We also thought we’d put together another list of products which stood out to us during the afternoon, along with the reasons for them doing so: 






Ayrton’s Rivale Profile – Available to purchase on SalesWL 











The Rivale Profile is the first ultra-equipped luminaire in Aytron’s brand-new ‘Ultimate’ series, in which all the models are perfectly homothetic and share common features, delivering previously unimaginable weight to output ratios. 






Aimed predominately at the theatre market, the Profile contains a brand-new 450-watt LED engine which allows for a narrower column of light, meaning optical components can be smaller. It also uses wheels rather than flags in the CMY system to offer a smooth fade and offering greater depth in the colourspace. 






Other features include pink flag for camera correction, continuous pan and tilt (ideal for use with automated tracking systems such as ZakTrack or Macula) along with more space in the unit which allows for large fans which move slower and ensure the unit remains quiet – a necessity when lighting live performance.  






GLP – X5 Range – View the GLP Range on SalesWL and HireWL 











The GLP X5 range consists of the Impression X5 IP Bar, Impression X5 High Performance LED Washlight, Impression X5 Compact and the Impression X5 IP Bar 1000. 






Every product across the range draws on the same powerful 40 W RGBL LEDs, a wide zoom range, and the new GLP iQ.Gamut colour calibration algorithm that creates perfect white spectrums with excellent colour rendering. 






The variety of products means maximum flexibility in terms of both their application along with the markets they can be used in. Similarly, the 3.6-50 degree zoom range means users can create tight beam effects, broad washes and everything else in between. The X5 is a natural progression from the X4, which was launched in 2012 yet still remains a popular fixture. Similar to its predecessor, the X5 is made to last and retain its appeal – something it appears set to do. 






ETC High End Ministar – Available to purchase on SalesWL 











This product is the perfect slimmed down offering, ideal for lower budgets – or lower ceilings… 






The Ministar’s small size contains a broad variety of features; all while outputting a blistering 9,700 lumens. It’s perfect for professionals at small to medium venues and where budget is a priority. Its simple feature set includes a ton of variety and flair, with the luminaire’s VersaColor capabilities using dual colour wheels to create 60 unique colours via a single channel!  






Similarly, the unit uses QuadraTech; a revolutionary piece of technology which unlocks a realm of beautiful colour combinations and creates split and quad colour options for unmatched aerial and projection effects. 






Martin Mac One – Available on HireWL and SalesWL 











We all know that eye candy is great but coupled with wash capabilities and aerial use, you then have a truly winning combination. The Mac One is a revolutionary Beam, Wash and Eye-Candy fixture, featuring a captivating Fresnel lens that can transform any stage or event into an extraordinary visual spectacle. Its narrow, high-intensity beam packs the same punch as larger, heavier fixtures to enable robust and vibrant aerial effects, whilst the stunning Fresnel lens creates a soft wash with a 4 to 27-degree zoom range, delivering seamless transitions and engaging visual effects.  






Similarly, the addition of Lime broadens the spectrum of light, leading to an increased TM-30, TLCI and CRI. For reduced power consumption, it has a hibernation mode power usage of 9W, whereas the new firmware allows it to be operated in place of Aura XB and Aura  






Essentially, there really isn’t a space this unit won’t be at home – and its four bar rigging makes for quick build systems and easy transportation. 






Rosco – OptiScuplt – Contact Us for More Info











Rosco’s OptiScult is a lensing solution that provides precise angular beam control – enabling lighting professionals to accurately and affordably control the shape of their light with increased brightness. Coming in the choice of 11 different lenses, it was created using Rosco’s unique, proprietary process that has been laboratory tested for accuracy and repeatability. As such, it gives users symmetrical, asymetrical, round and oval options. 






For us, this would be an interesting addition to the VL800 Pars that are part of our hire stock to create that classic par look.  






The New Technology Showcase also saw the presentation of the 2023 ALPD Awards. You can find out who the winners were here




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