Blog: Reflections on ISE 2024

Last month we returned from the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show at Fira, Barcelona. It’s been a whirlwind time since then, as we recently launched our brand-new d&b immersive technology experience centre at the Science Museum. More on that later!

This year was the ISE show’s 20th anniversary and we had the privilege of attending in collaboration with two industry heavyweights to showcase two of our SmartStage® extended reality (XR) technology products. The Samsung Electronics stand featured SmartStage Surface, while over on the CreateLED booth, we presented SmartStage Hybrid.

To learn more about the exceptionally busy show, we asked Adam Dennis – Senior Business Development Manager, Martin Monov – Immersive Specialist and John Kuzminski – Innovations Support Engineer to share their reflections…

Adam – What was the most common question that came up in conversations with visitors?

The ‘Mandalorian’ has done us an enormous favour by shining a spotlight on the exciting new world of Virtual Production and XR, but it has also caused a bit of a headache. Images, videos and posts generated by such a huge production have created the perception that their delivery must be at that large scale.

SmartStage at ISE, at first, could easily be mistaken for a simple LED wall. But, when given more than a cursory glance, audiences were blown away to realise that what was in front of them was actually a mechanism to extend their own reality.

Once that epiphany had dissipated, the immediate question most people asked was “how can I get SmartStage to fit in my own, limited space?” Fortunately for us, the answer is simple – SmartStage relies on a workflow that transcends your physical space to virtual worlds that are infinite in their size and scope.

SmartStage simply does not require a hangar’s-worth of space to deliver an incredible experience for remote and in-person audiences.

Martin – Why was ISE 2024 a standout year for the show in your opinion?

The 2024 ISE show has once again served as a beacon for innovation, bringing together industry leaders, academics and enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements in XR. This year’s conference delved deep into the realms of corporate and academic XR, showcasing groundbreaking technologies and discussing their potential impact on various sectors.

XR – an umbrella term encompassing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, transcending entertainment and gaming to find applications across diverse fields. At ISE 2024, the spotlight was on how XR is revolutionising both corporate environments and academic institutions.

In the corporate realm, XR technologies are reshaping the way businesses operate – from enhancing employee training programs to improving customer experiences. One notable trend showcased at ISE was the integration of AR and VR in remote collaboration tools. With the ongoing shift towards remote and hybrid work models, companies are leveraging XR to create immersive virtual workspaces where teams can collaborate seamlessly across distances. These XR-powered platforms not only foster greater productivity but also promote a sense of presence and connection among distributed teams.

Moreover, XR is increasingly being adopted for marketing and sales purposes, allowing businesses to create immersive brand experiences and engage customers in novel ways. At ISE, demonstrations of AR-powered product visualisation tools and VR-based virtual showrooms highlighted the potential of XR in driving sales and enhancing consumer engagement.

In the academic sphere, XR technologies are revolutionising teaching and learning methodologies, making education more interactive, immersive, and accessible. Our work with University of Michigan is a prime example of this. From virtual laboratories and simulations to immersive historical experiences, educators are leveraging XR to bring complex concepts to life and provide students with hands-on learning opportunities. At ISE 2024, academic institutions showcased innovative XR applications across various disciplines, demonstrating how these technologies are transforming the classroom experience and equipping students with 21st-century skills.

Furthermore, XR is opening up new avenues for collaborative research and exploration. Multi-user VR environments enable researchers from different disciplines and locations to collaborate in real-time, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange. Whether it’s exploring virtual archaeological sites or conducting simulated medical procedures, XR is empowering researchers to push the boundaries of discovery and innovation.

However, amidst the excitement surrounding XR, challenges such as accessibility, privacy, and ethical concerns were also being addressed. As XR technologies become more pervasive, it’s crucial to ensure they are inclusive and equitable, catering to diverse user needs and safeguarding privacy rights.

In conclusion, ISE 2024 provided a compelling glimpse into the transformative potential of XR in corporate and academic settings. From enhancing productivity and fostering innovation in businesses to revolutionising teaching and learning in education, XR is reshaping the way we work, learn, and interact. As we continue to explore the possibilities of XR, it’s essential to embrace responsible innovation and harness these technologies for the betterment of society.

John – What was the biggest benefit to the collaboration between the different stand partners?

The biggest advantage to collaborating with our stand partners at ISE 2024 was the ability for each of us to build a much stronger platform on which to showcase our brands than if we worked independently.


d&b solutions has long championed the importance of collaboration, this being a value that has been sewn into the fabric of all our brands since our inception, representing our history as a company and as individuals.

Working so closely with experts from each partner ensured we had a vibrant pool of knowledge and experience to workshop ideas, share viewpoints, identify potential, and ultimately discover the most engaging ways with which to interact with each other and our guests across the show.

There was a great sense of symbiosis between all collaborators across the SmartStage demo spaces. It was exciting witnessing how different people interpreted the same stimuli, seeing an open platform built where one idea would influence another and working as one team devoid of brand association, to deliver stimulating and engaging guest experiences.



ISE 2024 demonstrated just how powerful a message can be created and delivered for mutual benefit across stand partners, when strong working relationships are forged and true collaboration is harnessed to its full potential. For me: this was by far the biggest benefit to our success at the show this year.






We’re really excited to see how the technologies transforming the academic and corporate spaces will continue to evolve over the coming year, as we build up to ISE 2025. With our d&b immersive technology experience centre opening, we now have a state-of-the-art central London hub offering the industry access to a comprehensive suite of the most advanced technologies, deployed across five bespoke studio environments. This will help us continue working with progressive organisations in a diverse range of sectors, to enable, inspire and shape the future of audience engagement.






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