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Central Hall Westminster benefits from production partner White Light’s continued investment

As Central Hall Westminster‘s in-house production partner, White Light (WL) – a d&b solutions company, has completed a major audio system upgrade, transforming the acoustics in its flagship Great Hall.






Since 2015, WL has invested as production partner in phased installations, equipping the Grade II* listed building with industry leading audio-visual technologies, to enhance its events offering. This latest project included a state-of-the-art PA system and audio solution, designed to significantly improve intelligibility and provide a more immersive listening experience for conferences, launches, live broadcasts and concerts.






Working closely with the UK’s largest independent acoustic consultancy – Sandy Brown – WL intricately surveyed and mapped the Great Hall prior to designing the system. A key consideration was preserving the building fabric and to avoid detracting from the capacity of the space or its visual aesthetic.






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Another challenge was safely drilling into the Great Hall’s self-supporting domed ceiling, which is the largest of its kind in Europe, for the suspension of large format speakers. This was previously not possible due to the positioning of pretensioned reinforcing rods in the ceiling, supporting the whole structure and ensuring that these were not affected by any modifications. Having consulted original blueprints held in the Hall’s archive and an article from the Concrete Digest from the 1910s, WL overlaid these documents onto custom plans to engineer the solution. Additional speakers were also discreetly mounted to surround the balcony level seating.






WL’s Head of Production Management, Jonjo Glynn, comments: “This was a complex project, combining the practical application of what was needed to completely modernise the audio system for today’s needs, while working safely in an iconic, heritage space.






“As a certified B-Corporation, we also prioritised how our permanent solution could cover all nature of requirements, reducing the carbon footprint generated by truck and crew transport per event. We also delivered a significantly upgraded audio and video network infrastructure to futureproof the space, including fiber connectivity and native 4K projection. The result is a highly flexible system, allowing every seat to benefit from superior quality sound, whether the content is a corporate presentation or a rock and roll concert.”






Sarah Franczak, Chief Operating Officer at Central Hall Westminster, said: “Central Hall Westminster hosts over 800 diverse events every year, but whatever the type of event we host, we recognise that great sound quality is integral to its success. While Central Hall Westminster is already a popular venue choice for the world’s leading musicians and artists, we never stand still and are consistently seeking ways to excel with our service.






“This latest investment into a state-of-the-art PA system and audio solution by our valued production partner White Light will therefore enable us to deliver the best, immersive audio experience for our clients and visitors. We would also like to praise White Light and the acoustic agency Sandy Brown for their care and attention when installing the system in our Great Hall and respecting the heritage of our historic venue.”




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