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10/09/2005 to 21/09/2005

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Press quotes

But Gaude's hitting on a wider connection, the impulses to order and disorder, and the mix of creative and destructive in them. With Porter's performance catching the intelligent ordering of experience vocally and Onysos' violent potential in movement, Charlotte Damigos' set... continue reading
Timothy Ramsden, Reviewsgate 18/09/2005
This is marvellous theatre: muscular, supple, unsparingly modern and alive with myth.
Jonathan Gibbs, Time Out 21/09/2005
Hunched on Charlotte Damigo's ambiant set, a murky underworld of grime and decay..
Sam Marlowe, The Times 16/09/2005
Atmospheric lighting and sound design further enhance this sense of mystical time travel
Robert Shore, Metro 22/09/2005