The Queen of Spades

with Edmund Sutton as Lighting Designer


Set designer:

Costume designer:

Sound designer:

14/10/2011 to 12/11/2011

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Press quotes

And Max Hoehn's production ... does it splendidly with mime, lighting (Edmund Sutton's on designer Valentina Ricci's mountains of white sheets, which could be the old woman's ''snows of yesteryear'') and musical collage.
David Nice, The Arts Desk 18/10/2011
Packed with clowning, mime, poetry, post-modern winks, dark comedy and magic realism it is blessed with a bravura lighting scheme and soundtracked with a complex score of sound effects, music and frankly alarming noises.
Lindsey Clarke, 19/10/2011
The ultimate game of cards is dealt on a rocking table in what appears to be a seedy modern casino rather than a high society gathering; shifts in mood and time conveyed by Saleeb’s sound and Edmund Sutton’s lighting rather than any elaborate props.
Julia Rank, Exeunt 19/10/2011
Edmund Sutton's lighting design completes the sense of a mystical complicity in the story-telling.
Bryony Hegarty, 19/10/2011
...the design elements work just as hard as the actors to convey the fantastical and dark world of Pushkin’s supernatural story. Actors emerge and are enfolded in designer Valentina Ricci’s snowy mountains of soft, sleep-inducing sheets, which in turn are transformed by Edmund Sutton’s lighting... continue reading
Lois Jeary, Lois Jeary: Blog 19/10/2011