HARMAN's Martin Professional Announces Immediate Availability of its M-Series Software 3.4

HARMAN's Martin Professional has released one of the
biggest software releases ever in the new M-Series, version 3.4.

This latest version of the M-Series software brings a lot of new features as
well as tons of improvements to make the entire system faster, more
accurate, responsive and more efficient. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the next phase of MaxNet.
This custom designed network protocol allows full workstation
synchronization and can be programmed and played back from any M-Series
console or M-PC client on the network. MaxNet is a plug and play system with
zero setup. It does not require special training or experience in IT
networking and is very user friendly. Programming and even patching can
happen without interrupting the network, allowing multiple playback consoles
to operate while someone is editing the show.

The M-Series can scale up to 64 Universes of playback straight from the
console without the need of additional processing hardware, making the
system very cost efficient to own and operate. sACN protocol is now part of
the M-Series and can be used with any compatible sACN devices.

M-Series users will be delighted to know version 3.4 brings the Fixture Swap
feature, allowing any fixture to be quickly exchanged for a new one in a
single operation.

This version features a complete remake of many user interfaces such as
fixtures, groups, presets, playbacks and the cue list directory. The new
touch optimized design of these windows has an updated look and is created
to improve user workflow and speed. Items and backgrounds can be
custom-colored for fast identification and quick access.

Newly designed instant tools such as the grouping tool or cue list control
allow for direct access to functions without having to change views, which
further speeds up the programming on M-Series consoles.

For Windows tablet users such as the MS Surface 3 Pro it is now possible to
use digitizer pen input and multi-touch displays to control the M-Series
software. Combined with the new networking, such tablets are the ultimate
lighting remote where all console features are available with no
limitations. The M-Series software continues to innovate its user interface
and provides the best user experience on touch PC systems in the industry.
Theater people will be happy to use the new A/B manual crossfader,
especially on the innovative split T-Bar found on the M6 console.

Artnet is now a possible input for DMX-in, allowing up to 16 Universes to be
merged in or to remotely control cue list or fixture intensity. Merged DMX
channels can be captured and recorded into cues or presets; an easy way to
convert an older lighting system into the M-Series or allow simple remote
stations anywhere on the network. A new window shows DMX-In/Out values.

Lightjockey II owners can take advantage of the M-PC, as their One-Key
Lightjockey license will now unlock M-PC for up to 4 DMX universes.

The M-Series is currently in use on many international tours, shows and
installations, such as Taylor Swift, Pink, Cher, Ministry of Sound and every
Norwegian Cruise Liner around the world.

The M-Series software is available at no cost for one DMX Universe of
control using the M-PC Free Edition.

Martin's M-PC is available for download at www.martin.com/controllersupport

As a world leader in the creation of dynamic lighting solutions for the
entertainment, architectural, and commercial sectors, Martin lighting and
video systems are renowned the world over. Martin also offers a range of
advanced lighting controllers and media servers, as well as a complete line
of smoke machines as a complement to intelligent lighting. Martin operates
the industry's most complete and capable distributor network with local
partners in nearly 100 countries. Founded in 1987 and based in Aarhus,
Denmark, Martin is the lighting division of global infotainment and audio
company HARMAN International Industries. For more information please visit:
www.martin.com> http:www.martin.com.