The Lowry

Show name ALD Member Type Venue/Company Creative team Opens
Fade Megan Lucas Theatre The Lowry, then touring Apr 2024
Edith Luca Panetta Theatre The Lowry, then touring
Crowded Room
Director: Madelaine Moore
Set designer: Sascha Gilmour
Feb 2023
Everything Is Absolutely Fine Richard Williamson Theatre The Lowry Jun 2019
RAZ Sam Waddington Theatre The Lowry, then touring Director: Anthony Banks
May 2016
Into The Woods Charlie Morgan Jones Musical The Lowry
The Company
Director: Ben Occhipinti
Set designer: Tom Paris
Aug 2012
Les Hommes dans Robes de Chambre Tom Dexter Scott Theatre The Lowry
Men in Dressing Gowns
Director: Alan Pattison.
Jul 2009
Rites/ When Night Falls Adam B Carree Dance The Lowry, then touring
Company Chameleon
Choreographer: Anthony Missen
Jun 2009
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